Our History

The number one most commonly asked question is “Where did you get the name Easy’s”? Well, the answer to that starts in Birmingham, Alabama in the late 1930’s when Herbert S. Pirrong was working as an electrician at the United States Steel Company.

The plant was running full tilt, providing the raw materials for the United States. It was not uncommon for steel mill workers to do two 9-hour shifts on the same day. As it happened, Herbert has just finished his second shift when he fell asleep in his small office. A short while later all the alarms in the building went off because a broken vat of molten steel had started a fire. Herbert slept through the alarms until some other employees woke him as they themselves were evacuating the building. From then on he was no longer called Herbert, but now was addressed as “Easy Going”, then “Easy” for short. The nickname stuck with him for the rest of his life.

After the breakout of World War II, Easy enlisted in the Army Air Core and was sent to Officer Training School where he was taught aerial gunnery and navigation skills. He became a 2nd Lieutenant and was transferred to Gowen Feild in Boise, as an instructor. He loved the Boise area (and a pretty blond) so much that he made it his home. After the war he went to work as a watch smith for a short time, then went on to work as an electrician for the Electric Service Company owned by Ferd Koch. One day he was asked to check out some kind of new fangled dishwasher made by General Electric and he was hooked, enjoying appliance repair more than climbing telephone poles and running electrical lines.

In 1953, after a discussion with Ferd Koch, he opened Easy’s Repair Service with the original office being located at Terry’s Appliance, also owned by Ferd Koch at 812 State Street. His first vehicle was a used Nash Rambler.

We’ve come a long way, but we’re still the same family owned company, proud to be operating with the high standards and values practiced by Ferd and Herbert.

It is our honor at Easy's Appliance Repair to be the trusted Appliance Repair Experts in the Treasure Valley since 1953